Garage Sale Weekend 

This weekend I drove back to my mom’s house in small, rural town in  Illinois.

This is where most townies reside after they graduate from a surrounding high school, get married (or not) and have kids. It’s a great place where everyone knows everyone, news spreads quickly, and the gas station is the most popular spot in town. This weekend they had their annual garage sale weekend. Everyone who wanted to participate brought out their good and tried to sell them to the best of their capabilities, and that included me and my family this weekend. With the raining pouring down I honestly didn’t expect any kind of turnout.

To my surprise, we made a whopping $42 dollars! We still have furniture, toys and clothing to spare and sell but for the weather being what it was I am more then grateful for what we received.

I think my nieces were the ones who had the most fun with this project. They loved being able to greet everyone who showed up and be an active part of the process. But what they really enjoyed was being able to see that we were making a profit. It fascinates me that Aubrey, my oldest 7 year old niece, was so excited to see  that we were making money.

We did tell them that we were trying to make some money, but overtime we made a sale, she pulled me aside and asked, “Did we make a lot?” Obviously they don’t need to know the logistics of the situation, but I did intact inform her that “yes, we’re making some money.” After I told her that she would alway have a giant grin on her face. Which makes me wonder, as adults should we have even informed her that we were making money? I guess I’m just thinking that we just told her that our success was based on how much we made, not how much stuff we got rid of (because that actually is the point of the garage sale, get rid of the stuff you don’t want and the benefit is the cash, right?) I guess I’m just curious what other parent think, is it okay to inform you kids (at whatever age their at) of how money works and that we need it to survive, but it can be a dangerous obsession.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

All in all today was a good day, so far. The day is only about half way over and I still need to visit my cousin as well as my grandma and make the 2.5 hour trip back home. Wish me safe travels, and I’ll let you know if anything eventful happens on the way!


Also please enjoy this wonderfully positioned photo of my dog Wrigley. I would like the caption to be “My anaconda don’t want non unless you got buns hun.” But if you have something better please let me know 😆


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